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Who are we? Tour Operator - ExplorePatagonia.com

Our company is an exclusive travel and tour operator for Patagonia Chile, Torres del Paine and its suroundings.

Our high quality services and professionalism of our staff allowed us to satisfied many tourists and business people who had take tourism services with us.

All our tourism services are offer with professional and experienced drivers of the zone. Our tours are also offer with multilingual guides that speak Spanish, English, German, Italian, French and Portuguese. All the vehicles are specially adapted to travel in the difficult roads that atacama desert present. They have all the necessary equipment to aboard the expeditions and adventures. We work with the most specialized people in the zone, guarantee by years of experience in the tourism industry in San Pedro de Atacama. All the travel packages are offer with good quality hotels to guarantee a pleasant stay during your journey.

For these and many other reasons, we invite you to visit this wonderful desert and oasis, and be amazed with the magic of the history and towns, cultures and craftmanship.