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Austral Road Iceberg Expedition

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Day 1 Balmaceda / Coyhaique: Arrival to Balmaceda located in the heart of the Chilean Patagonia. Transfer to the Coyhaique hotel. During the trip you will be able to appreciate spectacular landscapes such as the falls of the Pollux River, the Chinese wall, Foitzic lagoon, the Mackay hill and the pampas. Dinner and lodging at the Hotel.

Day 2: You will have breakfast and begin an adventure tour through the northern part of the Austral Road. You will visit the beautiful Mañihuales River and its impressive landscapes, such as the Aguirre Cerda lagoon, and "Las Torres" lake in the forest park "CONAF". You will eat lunch enjoying the landscape. You will continue the tour towards the "Zaranda" lagoon and the Queulat National Park, where, if the weather conditions allow it, you will be able to appreciate the famous hanging snowdrift of Puyuhuapi and its 130 meter fall. Finally you will arrive at "Puerto Puyuhuapi" where you will have dinner and lodge in the "La Casona" hostel or spa termas.

Day 3: Breakfast followed by a visit to Puyuhuapi and its handmade carpet factory. You will eat lunch in "La Casona" hostel. Then, begin the tour towards Coyhaique, and visit the priest Garcia falls, ascend the Queulat hill and take a one hour hike the humid forest crossing fallen trunks and creeks. You will be able to observe the base of the Queulat glacier where the "Celeste" lagoon and the floating ice are located. Afterwards, walk on the inferior glacier, which is covered with stones and rocks. The cornice of the glacier hangs from the heights of the mountain and fall into the lagoon as blocks of ice. Continuing with the journey, you will observe the "Cisne" river, the "Condor" falls and the glaciers that hang from the mountains. Arriving at Coyhaique the valley will be observed from a vantage point. Later on you will have dinner and sleep in the hotel

Day 4: Early departure to Chacabuco Port. An aventure tour begins towards the millennial San Rafael Glacier. During the trip, the Andes mountains, Virgin falls, Bride veil falls, Farellon tunnel, Simpson river, Las Pizarras, the English Queque and the President Ibañez´s haning bridge in Puerto Aysén can be appreciated. Once in Chacbuco port, board Catamaran. Navigate for four and a half hours among fiords and Patagonic canals before arriving al the millennial San Rafael glacier and its 20,00 year old snowdrift. Breakfast in the morning and when arrive to San Rafael Lagoon have a lunch in front of the Majestic Glacier. You will be in the Lagoon among the icebergs observing the Glacier and drinking a Whisky with Millennial ice.The Capitain will make different approaches to the Glacier wall. If the wear allows the detachment and consequent splash of the up to 70 meters partions of Glacier. In the evening return to the Chacabuco Port but not before visiting a place where find and observe a families of seadogs.Transfer from Chacabuco to Coyhaique lodging.

Day 5: Breakfast and tour to Lago Elizalde after that return the hotel, lunch and later to Balmaceda airport.


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Hostel Hotel Coyhaique USD $2.303 Euro 1.631 USD $1.724 - Euro 1.221 USD $1.529 Euro 1.083

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