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Just like craftwork takes natural resources to give life to amazing creations made of wood, leather and wool, gastronomy in the area does the same to work with meats and, most of all, fish and seafood to create wonderful dishes.

Seafood of the Pacific is known in the world for their wonderful taste and texture. For the same reason, international food and seafood restaurants create original dishes, exquisite and typical at the same time, using a mix of fish and seafood, raw and cooked, to offer a simple and unique meal.

Spider crab, lobster, oysters and clams are available for everybody, to be enjoyed by every palate. Raw or cooked, there are dishes for every taste, seasoned with fresh sauces created with the best vegetables of the area. In the South, there is a simple sauce called "pilpil", made with garlic, olive oil and chili, which is perfect for hot meals made with seafood, like the "mariscal" and the cooked conger. There is also the more popular "pebre", which is made with small pieces of tomatoes, seasoned with parsley, onions, garlic and chili, and which can be eaten with bread before the main course or as garnish. Delicious.

Not only fish or seafood are available here. The variety of thematic restaurants and International Food places you can go have dinner is big, so you can choose a different type of meal for every day or occasion.

Meats have a big presence in Southern cooking as well. Roasted Beef on a stick, cooked meat, pork chops and Magellan's lamb are only a few of the meals you can enjoy with your family.

To accompany any kind of dish, there is an important variety of wine. Chile is creator and exporter of wine, and the red wine, as well as the white are recognized internationally. If you want to try something less classic and more Chilean, you should try the pisco sour, one of the most solicited drinks in all of Chile. Pisco is a drink made with grapes, just as wine, but with a different fermentation process. It is made only on this side of the planet (Chile and Peru make it and fight over its rights), and it becomes "pisco sour" when it is mixed with lemon juice and a bit of sugar.

Because of the cold weather and the strong winds that lower the temperatures, food and beverages in Patagonia are highly caloric and energizing. Meats have condiments, and they have chili and garlic, although not nearly as seasoned as Mexican or Indian food. At the same time, beverages have a strong flavor. Surrounded by forests and glaciers, visiting the area with a full stomach is the way to go.