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All kinds of crafts in the world are a way for people to show their love for the place and world they live in, and how they relate to their environment. In Chile, craftwork changes depending on the latitude of the communities you visit. That is how in the North, where the desert is king, crafts are created with mud and white clay, or with wool obtained from the animals they keep.

In Patagonia, the weather is different and the wind creates landscapes that are inspiration for artisans to create different crafts. That is how you can find beautiful multicolor tapestries, made with wool from sheeps that live in the area, whose wool is different from the animals in the northern part of Chile, which is extracted from alpacas and vizcachas.

In Southern Chile, wool crafts are made in looms, with knitting needles or with sack-cloth, which allow the artisans to create colorful pictures, similar to the nature around them. At the same time you can find all kinds of clothing items made with the thick wool of the south, fantastic to get warm while you visit these colder cities or to bring home as a present for a loved one, winter reaches every corner of the world. That's how you find socks, gloves, scarves, hats, sweaters, pullovers and vests.

But not only wool articles are available in the area, there are also crafts made with leather. Purses, wallets, belts, shoes, saddles and things for the house, all covered in leather. Each creating is unique and original, some of them more detailed than others, but all from the hands or men and women who keep the craftwork alive, passing secrets generation from generation.

Wood is also an important resource in the region. Even though the forests are protected, you can find all kinds of crafts and things made with wood in many places all over the city, because in most of them craft centers have been established to welcome tourists.

Some of the works in wood are furniture, ash trays, tea boxes, small carved animals, didactic games for kids, clothing accessories such as bracelets and rings, shoes, flowerpot holders, paper flower and a long, long etcetera.