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Laguna San RafaelWith an indescribable stateliness, Northern Ice Field rises as an imposing show and a natural marvel located only kilometres from San Rafael Lagoon.
With a surface of 4.200 square kilometres, it is dominated by the solid of the San Valentín Mount, the highest summit in Patagonia with 4.058 mts.
In this landscape of changing forms stand out several summits of more than 3.000 mts. and needles of ice of impressive dimensions.

Here will wait for you an spectacular voyage that implies to saliling by lakes, riding among forests and mountains, crossing torrent rivers and walking through valleys to finally arrive up to one of the most unexplored corners in the planet.

Neccesary information

When to go

It is possible to carry out the visits to Northern Ice Field from November until February.

The Northern Ice Field is located in the Region of Aysen, at 183 kilometres from Puerto Aysen and 168 kilometres from Puerto Chacabuco.
The amusing voyage, that includes sailing, trekking and horseback ridings, to arrive to Northern Ice Field is, by itself, a experience you can´t miss. But, without a doubt, the bigger attraction is the natural and wonderful show that offers this destination: a landscape with huge sharp mounts, dominated by the ice.
How to get there
The Austral Road between Coyhaique, Cochrane and Puerto Yungay has improved the possibility to accede up to Northern Ice Field from the continent, while between Puerto Chacabuco and San Rafael Lagoon, during the summer, is a marine link. You can also get here by air from Santiago up to Balmaceda.
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