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Austral Road National Park Queulat,Puyuhuapi,Patagonia,Chile

PuyuhuapiThe Austral Route is a great treasure that it?s on disposition of the Chileans and that allows to accede to a world that today can be seen like a fantasy, free of pollution, noise and constructions.

Beginning in the Region of Los Lagos and crossing from north to south the Region of Aysén, in the stretch corresponding to the commune of Cisnes you can observe one of the most captivating landscapes in Patagonia. Starting from kilometer 173 you can start to appreciate most of the attractiveness of the zone. Risopatrón Lake goes in parallel form to this highway and is a center of varied activities and a tourist meeting point for national travelers and foreigners.

Then shows up the area of Puyuhuapi with a calm that conquers for its it influences from the German culture in the kitchen, their constructions and their way of to work. The activities are numerous, because the paths allow to practice different trips like walks, trekking and equestrian activities. These can be made in their maximum splendor from Puyuhuapi Hot Baths and the National Park Queulat. The stage present here, together with the majestic bottom of vegetation, allow the contemplation and activities like the tourist photography. The fauna is an invaluable resource of the area, because here you can presence animals that cannot be seen in other spaces. The Chilean puma and the pudú are the main ones.

On the other hand, aquatic activities like fishing, rafting or kayak can be realized in Cisnes River that has the services to practice them, always with caution. As you travel, the area shows up as a place that can be discovered according to the traveler's interests, cause nobody is excluded of their pleasures and benefits.

Neccesary information

When to go
The road is available to be crossed during the whole year, but the season in which you make your visit depends on the conditions that the traveler wants to experience. Generally the high season for tourism companies is when the climate presents its higher point (with 11º C approximately) and where you can appreciate a small quantity of precipitations.
The Austral Road extends from X Region of Los Lagos. And the tract Puyuhuapi - National Park Queulat includes part of the territory of the XI Region of Aysén.
It is difficult to enumerate the varied attractions of the Austral Route. Great part of the interests of an extreme traveler, as well as for a calm one, can be made with activities throughout the highway. Also, with the comforts that offers this route to travel you may join an area of blended natural landscapes and reliefs, forming a stage that summarizes or gathers the prodigies of Patagonia.
Is important the disposition that has the traveler with this road, because to be able to enjoy the Austral Route is necessary to trust the kindness of the landscape and the activities that can practiced here, that surely will allow you have one of the best moments in your life.
How to get there
To the Austral Route you can accede starting from Puerto Montt, where you can arrive by air, (from Santiago on a time approximate of 3 hours) and by terrestrial or marine route with multiple tourist services of trips to arrive up to here.a.
  • Paque Austral
  • Paque Nacional Queulat
  • Termas de Puyuahuapi
  • Puyuhuapi
  • Lago Risopatron
  • Rio Cisnes

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