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tempanos de hieloBetween the Beagle Channel and Cape Horn there are several islands and archipelagos, fiords and smaller channels, which are part of the very last corners of the Chilean teritory. The Beagle Channel was named after the ship in which the famous scientist Charles Darwin travelled around the world and passed through the Magellan's strip, a hundred and fifty years ago. Cape Horn is the last place of the continent, which are, especifically, islands, all protected by laws when the Cape Horn National Park was created.
In this area you can find the Navarino Island, the biggest island on this sector, where Puerto Williams was settled, the capital and biggest city of the Chilean Antarctica province. There you can practice trekking, visit the museum in Puerto Williams, and go to travel agencies for the chance of visiting the Antarctica.
Finally, you find the Darwin Mountain Chain, the last outline of the Andes, which appears completely segregated here, where it 'dies'. The Darwin runs from east to west alongside the Beagle Channel northern border. Its mountains have milennary ice shapes, which fall down into the fiords, creating small stations for ships, which must stop there in front of the big walls of ice.

Neccesary information

When to go
All Year.
South of Tierra del Fuego.
To travel around the most southern place of the American continent, a must-see region for those who travel to Antarctica. This area has as many beautiful landscapes as modern comforts, especially in Puerto Williams, in the Navarino Island. The lakes and bays, as well as the Cape Horn National Park, are of incomparable beauty, totally worth the visit, in spite of the cold and the wind.
How to get there
You can get there by air, taking a flight in Punta Arenas or Puerto Williams to Cape Horn. This kind of transportation isn't regular, but it delivers a fantastic view of all the little islands that are part of the Agostini National Park and the Hoste Island. By water, you can take a ship in Punta Arenas, which travels all the way through the Beagle Channel to Puerto Williams and Cape Horn. The trip is seven hours long and there is no regular transportation to the area, so you'd need to hire private transportation.
  • Cape Horn Natinal Park
  • Puerto William
  • Martin Gusinde Museum

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