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futalefu The exuberant vegetation from the Austral Road Puelo Futaleufú turns this place into a special zone impossible to ignore, maybe this is one of the reasons because this ecological reserve has an international recognition due its privileged biodiversity. Through the Austral Road Puelo Futaleufú is also possible to delight with the deep green forests whith the principal actor, the larch-tree, known as alerce in Spanish. This specie is taller than 70 meters and with more than 4.000 years, conforms a unique landscape. Also the different attractives and typical zones transform this ecological reserve into a place where you surely will come back. One of this places is Cochamó, a very beautiful site you can´t miss. This coastal town is at the border of the Reloncaví Estuary and stands out for its valdivian forest always green which creates a natural stage that will take you into a pleasant tranquility. In order to continue enjoying, a visit to the National Reserve Futaleufú worth it, just having a little trip through some of its 12.065 hectare with a great biodiversity of the always green forests will make you get into unforgettable places. This Reserve was created to protect the Huemul and the Mountain Cypress and it s managed by CONAF, the Forestal National Corporation. Here you can enjoy with horseback ridings (only with CONAFs previous autorization) and photographic safaris, all surrounded by the beautiful landscape of Futaleufú River and the valley of Chico River and Las Escalas. It s recommendable to have contact with CONAF in Chaitén, where you may ask for information or even coordinate an excursion with the Reserve s park rangers. The Futaleufú River, or Savage River in mapuche language is other of the great places you can visit on this trip. It has its origin in Argentina, but the riverbed extends up to the Yelcho Lake, in the chilean side. This river also has a special characteristic that brings its international fame, because it s a great option for the rafting and kayaking practice with waters of 5,6+ category for rafting. Along with the beautiful and calm natural landscapes that surround the river there is also the option to have nice horseback ridings or trekking through its outskirts. And for the enthusiasts of fishing, Puelo River is another wonderful attractive, it s just enough to sail through it on a boat to find a lot of beaches and pools ideals for fly fishing. Here stands out species like salmon, brown trout and rainbow trout, with specimens that may weigh from 1,5 to 4 kgs. In the same way, through its surroundings is also possible to enjoy different outdoor activities or ecoturism.

Neccesary information

When to go
TThrough the trip by the Austral Road Puelo " Futaleufú, in the nearness of Puelo, is possible to embark on a ferry boat up to Creek Puelche ("Caleta Puelche" in spanish) and then continue to Hornopirén. But this section isn"t possible to do all year long because the shipping companies only cross up to Creek Gonzalo during the high season. Although it"s possible to travel during all the year from Puerto Montt up to Chaitén and then follow to Futaleufú. Other option is to travel through the Argentinian side crossing by Puyehue, on the border step Samore Cardinal, then travel till Bariloche and continue to the south going through Esquel, and finally get up to Futaleufú on the Chilean side.
The Austral Road Puelo Futaleufú is in the Tenth Region of Los Lagos.
The different things to do in this area are multiple and for everyone. Because of these reasons take your best energies, a good camera and just dedicate to enjoy yourself... Among the attractions you may find hot baths, ecoturistic activities, fishing practice, flora and fauna, diverse paths, photographic tourism and horseback ridings.
How to get there
There are different accesses depending on the diverse necessities. You can get here through Chaitén (capital city from the province of Palena, Tenth Region). Up to this location arrive ferries coming from Puerto Montt and Quellón. During the summer it"s also possible to get here from Creek Gonzalo ("Caleta Gonzalo" in spanish) and from Hornopirén, a route that gives continuity to the austral road on this time of the year. There is also access through the aerial route, with the aerodromes in Chaitén, Big Plain ("Llanada Grande" in spanish), Futaleufú, Hornopirén and Palena. They have connection with the airport from the city of Puerto Montt, "El Tepual". Other access is by land, through the net of internal roads that will take you to localities and the border steps of Palena and Futaleufú, communicating the Austral Road Puelo " Futaleufú with Argentina. At the moment continues the construction of the Austral Road R7, between Chaitén and the city of Coyhaique, that will bring a new access into the zone.
  • Yelcho Lake
  • Hornopiren National Park
  • Pumalin Park
  • Futaleufu National Reserve
  • Palena National Reserve
  • Futaleufu River
  • Puelo River

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