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Navimag Laguna San Rafael

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Setting out from Puerto Montt, Navimag's ferry heads south across the gulfs of Ancud and Corcovado. After sailing though the Moraleda channel it calls at Puerto Chacabuco, an important point on the Austral Road. At a speed of 12 knots, the "Puerto Ed�n" resumes its journey, sailing out of the Ays�n fjord and through to the end of the Elefantes fjord until it reaches the T�mpano river, the doorway into Laguna San Rafael.

Situated southwest of Puerto Chacabuco, at the foot of the Northern Ice Fields, the San Rafael lagoon has as its backdrop the imposing wall of the glacier that carries its name: the San Rafael glacier. The setting is captivating because of the huge blocks of bluish ice that continually break off from the glacier and fall into the lagoon, giving rise to new shapes. The lagoon is part of the Laguna San Rafael National Park, which was designated as a Biosphere Reserve by UNESCO in 1979. It displays the wonders of a pristine ecosystem, where black-necked swans, caiquenes and a variety of ducks and cormorants, along with coipos, pud�s, foxes and seals, are part of the beauty of an unexplored area. There is nothing like the majestic daybreak that welcomes travellers as they sail into the lagoon or like the deafening noise of the blocks of ice breaking off the glacier to feed the multicoloured waters. In the midst of this setting, Navimag passengers will be able to venture closer to the glacier on boats, weaving their way across the white mantle of floating ice while enjoying the traditional whisky with age-old ice."

Departures : Saturday


Day 1: Puerto Montt: Participant presentation. Informative meeting at the Loading Dock, with a video presentation on security and then set sail at approximately 5:00 pm from Puerto Montt. We will sail to Calbuco, passing through the Reloncav� Inlet, the Golf of Ancud, and the Golf of the Corcovado. Dinner on board with live music.

Day 2: Fiordo Aysén - Puerto Chacabuco Breakfast and lunch on board. Sail through the Moraleda Canal, the Guaitecas Islands, Puerto Aguirre, and Caleta Andrade. Make landfall in Puerto Chacabuco. then go for a tour of Puerto Ays�n. Leave from Puerto Chacabuco for the Rafael Lagoon. Dinner on board then a party.

Day 3: Laguna San Rafael Breakfast and lunch on board. Sail on the T�mpano River. Arrival at San Rafael Lagoon. Go close to the glacier in boats (If the weather conditions, safety, itinerary, day light, and other reasons permit). Lunch. Set sail from the San Rafael Lagoon to Puerto Chacabuco. Dinner and party on board.

Day 4: Puerto Chacabuco Breakfast. Make landfall in Puerto Chacabuco. Set sail from Puerto Chacabuco to Puerto Montt.

Day 5: Puerto Montt Sail through the Gulf of Ancud and the Reloncav� Inlet. Have lunch and then disembark at Puerto Montt. End of the services.

Low Season : March to December 2007

Incluídos Single Double Triple Cuadruple
Cabin AAA USD $1.454 Euro 1.029 USD $870 Euro 629    
Cabin AA USD $1.454 Euro 870 USD $870 Euro 629 USD $672 Euro 473 USD $583 Euro 413
Cabin A USD $1.355 Euro 959 USD $811 Euro 574 USD $623 Euro 441 USD $544 Euro 385
Cabin C       USD $356 Euro 252

High Season : January and February 2008

Incluídos Single Double Triple Cuadruple
Cabin AAA USD $1.711 Euro 1.211 USD $1.028 Euro 728 USD $791 Euro 560 USD $682 Euro 483
Cabin AA USD $1.592 Euro 1.127 USD $949 Euro 672 USD $732 Euro 518 USD $633 Euro 448
Cabin A USD $1.464 Euro 1.037 USD $880 Euro 623 USD $672Euro 476 USD $583 Euro 414
Cabin C       USD $494 Euro 350

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