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Escalada de Rocas
Chile is a privileged country. Not only it has miles and miles of coast, right on the other side it has miles and miles of mountains, ideal to practice snow sports, also known as white sports. For that very reason, the country is considered as the best place in all of South America to ski and snowboard.

There are ski centers in Santiago, Chillan and in the South. In Patagonia, the most important centers are El Fraile, 29 kms outside the city of Coyhaique, and Cerro Mirador, right next to Punta Arenas. The first one is open Thursday to Sunday in the summer, and the second operates all week between July and October.

Practicing ski in any part of the world means to enjoy strong emotions, huge jumps over a white blanket of snow, but also it means to be aware of the dangers involved and be responsible about it. It is necessary to take ski lessons and to have some notions of alpinism. It is also recommended to know all the types of snow, to recognize what kinds you are facing in the ski centers in Chile.

The equipment you will need is a set of skis or a snowboard, depending on the discipline you have chosen, boots, adequate clothing, gloves, poles, snow goggles, hat and some kind of sunscreen.

The white sport is an expensive activity. The equipment needed and the places where it is practice are not cheap, so it is recommended to rent as much as you can when you start skiing, and only after a while, once you are comfortable skiing and know that this is the sport you like, to invest in it.

In Chile you can practice traditional ski and snowboarding, very popular amongst younger people and those who look for new activities up in the mountain. You do not need to know how to ski to snowboard, considering the movements are completely different between them. If skiing never caught your attention, give snowboarding a chance, maybe that is the sport you were looking for.