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Rock Climbing

Escalada de RocasMountains in Patagonia are considerably high. The Andes are located all along Chile, next to rivers and glaciers, giving life to other mountains and hills of fewer meters but same beauty.

Rock climbing is about climbing rocks using only your hands and feet, although you need to wear a harness for your own safety, considering this activity is still a high-risk sport. Some routes where you can practice rock climbing include easy passageways and help in the rocks, and others maintain their original nature and become more difficult to climb.

To practice rock climbing you need to be in good physical shape, and even though you do not need a long duration course, it is necessary to have an instructor or guide present with you, to help you sort any problems, especially if you go to a place you have never been to before.

Torres del Paine is the most popular place to rock climb in Southern Chile, because it has perfect mountains, with rocks and obstacles that can only add entertainment and difficulty to this sport. In the National Park you can rent equipment (shoes, rope, helmet, harness, etc) and seek help from experts, as well as information about places that are best suited to your needs.

This activity has more members and climbers every year, all around the globe, and in Chile began to develop in the mid 80s.