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Rafting Patagonia

RaftingSouthern Chile, and especially Patagonia, is famous around the world for the rivers where people go to practice Rafting. In fact, some of the fastest rapids in the world are here, in the Futaleufu River, which as descent of category 4 and 5.

Rafting is a team sport, where those who are in the boat must coordinate one another to row and move according to the movements of the water and the rocks in the river, as well as to the instructions of the guide, so the boat does not turn over and security is kept at its best. It is recommended that people who are beginners in this sport to take a seat in the middle of the boat, leaving the sides and heads to more experienced people.

To practice Rafting you need proper equipment, which must include a helmet, life jacket, paddlers, neoprene suit, boat and clothing that can get wet, because you will get wet on the way. The neoprene suit is worn to keep cold away, because this activity takes place in Southern Chile, where the wind and water are very cold. All the equipment is given to you by the tourist agency you chose, which also takes you to the place you have chosen to descent from.

Before choosing a spot to go Rafting, you should check all the rivers in the area and pick one that suits your and your group?s skills, to avoid accidents and have a trip filled with fun, not with worry. The rivers have been categorized with levels that go from one to six, and in Chile, most of the rivers are level 3 or 4. The Bio-Bio and the Futaleufu Rivers, however, have level 5 rapids, which can only be ridden by Experts.

You do not need a long course or to have practice Rafting before to do it now. Instructors will give you a short class and instructions for what you have to do on the descent, so pay extra attention and follow their guidelines. The experts also recommend that children over 14 years old ride with you, as a precaution.