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CabalgataWith over four thousand kilometers of mountains throughout the country, it seems like a crime not to go to one of the many mountains and practice this sport. It is a high-risk activity, very demanding for the body but, at the same time, very fulfilling, which gives back every drop of sweat in the form of the most beautiful landscapes in the globe, thousands of miles down.

To practice mountain climbing you need to be in excellent shape, because it is a demanding sport, which requires several hours to finish a circuit, climbing up and down, walking and staying close to the walls of stone.

The equipment includes shoes and clothing fitting for the activity and the area you are going, sun glasses, sunscreen, axe, rope, harness, helmet, trekking poles and crampons. It is recommended to use magnesium resin, which helps your hands from being sweating and getting slippery. Considering these circuits are days long sometimes, it is necessary to carry a comfortable and good quality backpack, a small stove, tent, sleeping bag, flashlight and a first-aid kit.

Patagonia is a place where the weather conditions play an important role in all the activities to be done there. In many places you can experience all four seasons in a matter of hours, the rain and the winds arrive without previous notice and fairly quickly. That is why you should check the weather reports for the time and area you are planning your excursion, and if they don't look so good, leave the climbing for other day. Don't put yourself and your group at unnecessary risks.

To practice mountain climbing in Patagonia, you can go to Torres del Paine, where you will find several mountains, ideal for this sport. Some of them are the Mount Fitz Roy, Cerro Torre and the Towers themselves. Further south, in Puerto Natales, you can go on a trekking and climbing combo on the Grey Glacier, an expedition that lasts a day and where the climbing is done on ice.