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Mountain Bike

Riding on a bike as a mean for tourism means to cover more territory in less time, take advantage of the trip to keep in shape, do sports and really be in the area you're visiting, more precisely. Every person rides at their own rhythm, depending on their own interests, and it is possible for them to stop to look at the scenery at any time, for as long as they like. It really is one of the best ways to see a new place.

Mountain Bike in Patagonia is a pleasure shared by a few, but it is becoming a more popular activity with every season. To practice it you need to be in excellent physical condition, because the roads and miles you have to ride are tricky on SCUBA DIVING es, and sometimes you have to get off the bike and carry it on your shoulder.

It is practiced in determined routes, which require going through water, established roads and mud ones, climb small hills and other geographical obstacles. Obviously, you need a mountain bike, the kind that have wider and thicker wheels, perfect for the roads you need to ride on. You don?t need classes to learn how to ride these kinds of bike, you just need to be in a good physical condition and get on it, and cover the wonderful and welcoming territory.

Equipment you need to carry includes a helmet, which use is mandatory and, usually, they are handed to you by the tourism agency you?re working with, although you can rent one in specialized stores in the big cities. Other recommendations are sunglasses, sun blocker or protector over factor 35, a comfortable backpack, fruit, water and a change of clothes to use after finishing your ride, if you want. The sun in the area and exercise are important to take into consideration when you pack your back, you don?t want to carry too many things and miss the crucial ones. Remember to bring water, as a general rule it is recommended that you don?t spend more than 15 minutes without having a small drink of it.

In Chile, there are many areas where roads and routes have been established to practice mountain bike, and in the southern part of the country, especially in Patagonia, the most popular routes are in the Torres del Paine National Park and in Magallanes.

In Patagonia, the biking routes begin in the Austral Road (Carretera Austral), which is the main road to travel south, used by cars and buses. The road is open for bikers too, which is a fairly easy-to-ride first part while you get to see the flora and fauna around you.

Further South, the Torres del Paine National Park has defined mountain bike routes all over its surface, routes which are used for walking and hiking as well. These routes go next to rivers and lakes, surrounded by forests and with a stunning view to the big mountains ahead. It is not strange to find animals crossing the roads or exploring the surroundings.

In Magallanes, the roads for mountain bike are in Tierra del Fuego, the so-called 'gold path', which is used by people who practice hiking and walking, and which are available for bikes as well. It?s a less abrupt and tricky road than the ones in Paine, but the wind is stronger and the scenery is more similar to the Pampas.