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Horseback riding is a popular activity, one which adds adventure and fun to any trip to Patagonia. Thanks to these animals, you can see mountains, beaches, rivers and pampas, enjoying the scenery of the area and the wind on your face.

It is an activity for the family, because it has no restrictions on weight, physical condition or age. If you are eager and can handle the reins of a gentle horse, you can get on the saddle and enjoy the ride. It is recommended that small children go with a more experience person, and that your group rides along with one or more guides. It is also good to agree on a price before beginning the ride.

The trips are a couple of hours long, but you can also go on longer excursions, getting to see more extended parts of Patagonia. For short trips you don't need to know how to ride a horse, and a short explanation from your guide should be enough for you to do it. For longer trips or the ones that cover trickier territory, it is recommended to have some experience horseback riding to sort all kinds of obstacles and not finish the trip exhausted.

In Patagonia you can go horseback riding in Torres del Paine, Chiloé, Coyhaique, Puerto Octay, Puerto Natales, Chile Chico, Punta Arenas and Tierra del Fuego. There are determined paths and routes in all of them, so it is suggested not to leave them, to avoid damages to the area and for you to not get lost.

Torres del Paine

There are several routes you can ride on, used for hiking and mountain bike as well. You should check with any administration point inside the park, to know if the place you are visiting has horses available. Some paths and routes take you to the Milodon Cave, and others stay inside the park, where you can admire the beauty of the Towers and the nearby mountains and lakes.


In Castro and Quellon, the two most important cities on the island, there are travel and tourism agencies that can give you detailed information about horseback riding in the region. You can find them all over the cities, especially downtown, for conformation of routes and prices.


There is a route between Coyhaique and Puerto Aysen, that goes down the 240 road, which takes you to a wonderful ride by the Simpson River.

Puerto Octay

From Puerto Varas, where you can coordinate a trip on horseback with a travel agency, you can visit Puerto Octay, a beautiful place of pampas, multicolor grass and natural surprises along the journey, such as cascades and rivers.

Chile Chico

You ride by the riverbank of Carrera Lake, where you can discover rivers, forests, mountains and small towns installed by chance in this faraway land. On the way, you can see many geographical formations such as the Bertrand Lake ad the mountain chain known as Contreras. There is also an inn, Mallin Colorado, which welcomes the tourists, with information, food and many stories to tell.

Punta Arenas

All trips begin in the city, where you can find several travel agencies and companies that offer horseback riding rides around Punta Arenas. You can ride all over the city, and its surroundings, and get to the hills where you can get a clear view of the city and the Magellan?s Strip, Tierra del Fuego and the Pacific Ocean, which seems to disappear in the bluest sky.

Tierra del Fuego

Here, the horseback rides are organized in Porvenir. From there you can go to the Cordon Baquedano, a place of pampa and land, very popular amongst those who like adventurous sports, such as trekking and mountain bike.